Atlas Composite Technologies are synonymous with machining complex components, mould tools and patterns for Aerospace, Automotive, Defence, Motorsport, Satellite Communications and Space. Using the latest CAD/CAM processing systems our highly skilled Engineering Team and CNC operators are able to interpret drawings and 3D models to generate highly complex tool paths tailored to your requirements. This advanced technology enables precise interpretation and execution of complex designs, ensuring optimal accuracy in manufacturing processes.

Our 3 & 5 Axis machining centres extend to a max bed size capability of 3.6m x 1.6m and are capable of high speed machining of advanced composite materials, carbon fiber and fiberglass components to large scale patterns and tooling. We can machine an array of materials and alloys with accuracies suitable for the most demanding applications.


Working alongside our experienced engineering team each and every one of our CNC operators posses a wealth of experience in machined assemblies, patterns, models and mould tools. For more information on our 5 axis machining capabilities, contact us today to discuss your project requirements.